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West Dorset Pro Wind Update

Important Update August 2015 on Slyers Lane Wind Farm

The planning application process for Slyers Lane Wind Farm is nearing completion and is expected to be decided at a West Dorset Development Control (Planning) Committee - quite soon, possibly October....

More info here: www.westdorsetprowind.org.uk


21st November - Cafe Sci - Dorchester Arts Centre

Fracked or Fiction?
"Can the process of cracking rock underground lead to water contamination? Can fracking cause earthquakes? Could the wells that we drill to extract shale gas leak, and what can we learn from the history of drilling in the UK to date? Sam Almond from The Department of Earth Sciences, University of Durham leads the debate on the much-publicised and controversial topic of fracking"

More info here: Dorchester Arts Centre

Monday 27th October - Swanage

Infrastrata's public information day at the Mowlem Theatre, Swanage 14:00 - 20:00 Monday 27th October.

Message on the 'Stop the Swanage Gas Rig' Facebook page

"Hi all. A reminder about Infrastrata's public information day at the Mowlem, Swanage 1400 - 2000 this Monday 27th October. PLEASE try to come. It is MASSIVELY important we have as many people as possible there to create an impact. Photo shoots are at 1500 and 1800, although 1500 is more important as we still have daylight! Bring a banner/placard. Let's show Swanage our support - let's not let them ruin this amazing place with a gas rig in such a beautiful area, it's scandalous!!! See you and all your friends Monday!!!!!"

Directions to The Mowlem Theatre

Infrastrata website


The Government consultation document on changing the trespass laws.
Last chance for your input! - Closes 14th August 2014


It has been acknowledged by Industry and Government that if people retain their land rights in the UK, fracking cannot happen. The considerable and widespread opposition can currently create legal 'land blocks', as instigated by those genius folk in Fernhurst and the Greenpeace 'Wrongmove' campaign. Gone are the days when Government and Industry said 'we will only do this with community support'. Now the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, launched during the Queen's speech in June, aims to remove our land rights and give access rights to the oil and gas industry instead.

The Infrastructure Bill started off in the House of Lords and will reach its committee stage on Tuesday 14th October. However, the pages related to fracking are still blank! The pages are not written, and yet the Lords are being required to 'read it'! This is an abuse of parliamentary procedure and democracy. Lord Adonis said:

"The noble Baroness said, if I noted it down correctly, that this legislation is “still being developed”. If I may say so, that is one of the most remarkable statements I have heard from a Minister while introducing a Bill, which the House would expect to be fully developed at the point of introduction. Instead, we have a major heading, “Fracking”, and a long spiel from the noble Baroness about how this will be vital for the future energy needs of the country, but the following pages are blank. With respect, that is no way to treat Parliament or your Lordships. In the vernacular, the Government are legislating on the hoof—or perhaps I should say on the future hoof, as we do not even know what hoof they are going to be legislating on hereafter."



NOT FOR SHALE - Join the legal block to fracking

It is unlawful for fracking companies to drill for shale gas under your home without your permission.

Sign up on-line to explicitly refuse that right here: www.wrongmove.org


Object to the California Quarry planning application

A planning application by Infrastrata plc has been submitted to Dorset County Council to drill a new exploratory well at California Quarry just south of Swanage.

Further information on how to put in an objection is on the California Quarry page.

Also see the Swanage Campaign Website


RSPBRSPB raises fracking fears for wildlife

"The RSPB is issuing its first objections to fracking proposals over concerns that the controversial drilling technique will harm wildlife and the climate.

The charity has lodged a letter of objection with Lancashire County Council to a proposal by Cuadrilla at Singleton near Blackpool in Lancashire. The drilling site is close to an internationally important protected area for pink footed geese and whooper swans and could cause disturbance to the birds.

The RSPB is also officially objecting to the contentious plans to explore for oil and gas at Balcombe in Sussex on the grounds that no Environmental Impact Assessment has been carried out, and because increasing oil and gas use will scupper our chances of meeting climate targets...."

See: http://www.rspb.org.uk/news/351702-rspb-raises-fracking-fears-for-wildlife


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